2016 Program Update

During the school year, the federally subsidized lunch programs provide a nutritional lunch to students and preschool children who qualify for assistance.  In the summer, these children lose access to this healthy meal.   Winchester Got Lunch extends the nutritional support through the summer months by providing a weekly bag of lunch foods to families with children who request and qualify for assistance.  There is no cost to enroll in the program.  We work closely with the Winchester School Department to inform families who receive subsidized lunches about our program.

The Winchester Got Lunch Program launched in the summer of 2012, and operates during school summer break:  from late June through late August (generally 10 weeks a year).   Each student enrolled receives a bag with approximately $15-$20 worth of lunch items each week.  Volunteers packed lunch bags each Monday of the summer school break and delivered them directly to the homes of those enrolled in the program. It is truly a community effort, with over 40 volunteers from many Winchester organizations, communities of faith, and schools working together to ensure the program’s success.

  • For the past three years a town wide food drive held in the spring by each Winchester school  provided over 2,400 staple items for our lunch bags, which has reduced our food costs.  It also provides a way for many in the community to participate in the WGL program.  The food drives are extended to included the Town Hall, Winchester Hospital and many of the local pre-schools.

  • We partner with Whole Foods to purchase meal supplies.  Whole Foods provides competitive pricing for groceries, and donates fresh fruits for our bags.  They also provide a venue for additional fundraising at the Woburn store.  Our families appreciate the healthy food items we are able to include in the lunch bags.

  • We work with the Winchester High School Transitions program to provide a work experience for two of their students, and the Connect and Commit program to manage volunteers.  Students helped lead the food drive, and are important volunteers during the summer food pick-up and delivery process.  The transitions program provides opportunities for special needs students to gain real work experience.

  • We partner with Wright Lock Farms to provide vouchers for our families to pick raspberries.  We include a voucher for $10 worth of raspberries with the last lunch delivery of the summer.

  • For the  summer of 2015 WGL will provide meals for an average of 144 children, or 1440 meals. 

Winchester Got Lunch Program Details

Approximately 270 children in the Winchester Public Schools (K-12) receive a free or subsidized lunch.  WGL is budgeting for enrollment of 145 students  for the summer lunch program.  We work closely with the school department and will work with school staff to facilitate enrollment and to qualify registrants.  We will publicize the sign up period through local news outlets, schools and communities of faith. Signups will occur in May, and we will begin meal delivery the first week of school vacation in June.

Part of our goal as an organization is to reach widely into the community for support.  Our volunteer and donor base represents nearly every community of faith and school in town, as well as ENKA, Rotary, The Winchester Hospital and the Winchester Community Music School. We are not surprised at the continued response of the wider community in our mission; we are a community that cares deeply about the health and welfare of our children.

Finance and Budget

Our finances are quite simple since we are 100 % volunteer run and space is donated by the First Congregational Church.  We operate with minimal overhead expenses.   The major program expense is food; our program cost approximately $25,000 each summer.  All of the money to run our program is provided by grants and donations, primarily from Winchester based organizations and individuals.  The town of Winchester is truly working together to make sure no child is hungry in our community.

Winchester Got Lunch Budget 2015

Based upon enrollment of 144 students

2015 Expenses: $27,700
  Food $26,000*
  Delivery Bags $200
  Website and Technology $600
  Marketing Materials $600
  Office Expenses (stamps,etc) $100
  Misc $200

*includes in kind food donations

2015 Fundraising Plan: $28,500
  2014 Fundraisers $5,000
  Individual Donations $10,000
  Grants $8,000
  Food Drives (in kind) $2,500
  Other Fundraising $3,000
  Misc $200

Winchester Got Lunch Board of Directors

Sharon Johnson and Louise Ritenhouse, Co-Presidents, Joanne Reese,  Treasurer, Bill McCarter, Secretary, Krystin Beauchesne, Dot Butler, Kara Driscoll, Mai Harrison, Jen Markham, Susan Schwartz,  Martha Stone-Martin, Meg White

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